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KCK Maintenance Solutions offers a wide variety of services that will help industrial, construction, & commercial needs.


Janitorial Services

Start your day knowing your workplace is clean and ready for business. We can
help keep your workplace consistently clean at an affordable price.
Our experience includes work at a variety of facilities such as medical, dental,
chiropractic, warehouse, factories, offices, etc.


Floor Waxing

Commercial buildings require extensive maintenance routines, and the floors are
one of the most visible ones. Keeping your floors in their best condition helps you with a positive impression on clients, and the personnel.

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Window Cleaning

Airborne dirt and dust can discolor the glass and contact from hands can leave
unsightly smudges. Let us improve your view. Whether you have a small
storefront or a large retail complex, we have the right equipment, and the right
certificated and insured personnel for you.


Construction Cleaning

After a construction project is complete, or even while is progressing let us clean
up the mess. Our janitorial services can properly and efficiently clean up trash,
debris and any other mess left behind from construction.
We provide the best cleaning service needed for your specific project


COVID-19 Disinfecting

Involves wiping surfaces to remove most virus particles and spraying to
reduce transmission of Covid-19 at home or work areas.

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Carpet Cleaning

We deliver a deep clean on carpets that results in a healthier environment for
your employees and clients without interfering with your business activities.
It also brings the patterns and colors of your carpet back to their original beauty.

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